19/01/2018 Meeting Minutes

19/01/2018 Meeting Minutes


The Three Café, Three ways, School, Bath


Attended              Gay Griffen, Sharon Farrington, Cora Fisher, Marianna Zatkova, Sophie Sidonio,

Jane Eades, Rachel Thomas, Annie Carpenter

Apologies             Tamsin Green, Filippa Ross, Tracey Cadey, Sophie Spinks, Kirstie Evered

  1. Introductions and welcome

BPCV welcomed Tracey Long, Bath Library Manger, to the meeting.

  1. Bath Library Redesign – Tracey Long

Tracey went through the new plans for Bath Library and and asked the group for feedback and ideas for the Bath Library redesign. It is in the very early stages of redesign. Tracey will be visiting lots of groups for ideas/feedback in the coming months. Please send any ideas feedback to Annie, ianlong25@aol.com who will pass on to Tracy.

  1. BPCV Finances – Cora

Cora handed an up to date summary of BPCV finances.

  1. Claire Abrahams – 1 big Database – Annie

Claire will put our coffee/meeting/event dates on to the 1 Big Data Base.

Future BPCV dates listed below (CA)

BPCV Coffee Morning/meeting Mon 19th Feb, 10.00-12.00 (Room Booked) Three Cafe, Three Ways School, Bath.

BPCV AGM/Coffee/Meeting Mon 19th March, 10.00-12.00 (Room Booked) Three Cafe, Three Ways School, Bath.

BPCV Coffee Support Meeting, Monday 16th April, 10.00-12.00 (Room to be booked) Saltford Golf Club, Saltford (AC)

BPCV Coffee/Meeting Monday 14th May, 10.00-12.00 (Room to be booked) Radstock Carers Centre, Radstock (AC,SS,GG)

BPCV Coffee Morning Monday 11th June 10.00-12.00 Bonzo Lounge, Keynsham.

BPCV Summer Event Monday 16th July, Avon Valley Country Park, Keynsham (time/venue to  be booked) (AC, RB)

  1. Adele Meader Support Groups Manager & Parent Advisor South West Training (Marianna)

Marianna will contact Tina Emery from Somerset Parent Carer Forum to ask whether they can arrange some dates to come and visit with our forum with a view to mentoring/training (MZ)

  1. Subject:Children and Young People Plan 2018-2021 – Marianna

Review for comments and feedback for the Send Strategy. Marianna to email Send Strategy Group for clarification on whether this document can be sent out for groups comments (MZ)

  1. Feedback from Short Breaks Meeting (Annie) Tuesday 5th December

These meetings are still in the very early stages but an idea around developing a hash tag for “short breaks” and added to different websites was explored. When a person clicks on the hash tag “short breaks” information about when the Short breaks services appears, such as dates provisions are running. It was also suggested that the Council may also like to send out a letter describing short breaks to all educational providers to try and encourage families from mainstream schools to consult in the wider consultation.

An idea also to be explored is to create a 30 second clip of film about what a short break means to them titled “My short break is….”

The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 20th March, 11.00-1.30 at Keynsham Civic Centre.

  1. Future Dates/Events/Dates for Coffee Mornings (All)

Parent Participation Meeting – Tuesday 23rd January, Civic Centre, Keynsham with Dee Chaddah, Jackie Fielder & Sally churchyard (Attending Annie, Gay & Marianna)

Parent Carer Forum Webinair – Adele Meader, Support Groups Manager & Parent Advisor South West Tuesday 23rd January 12.00 (Attending Marianna Zatkova & Annie Carpenter)

Memo of Understanding Meeting – Tuesday 23rd January, Civic Centre, Keynsham with Jackie Fielder & Jane Messer (Attending Gay Griffen)

Transitions into Adulthood – Weds 31st January, Taunton Carol Robinson (NDTI / Preparing for Adulthood) is very keen for forums to attend this regional meeting

Olivia Lindsey, BPCV Web Design/Media Meeting – Tuesday 13th February, Civic Centre (Attending Annie Carpenter)

Transitions into Adulthood Focus on Employment – 20th February 11.30-2.00 (Attending Sharon Farrington, Gay Griffen, Annie Carpenter plus any BPCV who wish to attend)

  1. Any other business

Sporting Family Change have organised a gym day for BPCV parent carers every Weds, 9.30-10.30. Wednesday session is ideal for beginners. The address is Vibe Fitness, 4 Miles Court, Miles Road, Widcombe, Bath, BA2 4JN. Please contact me if you would like transport (Annie) ianlong25@aol.com.

  1. Date of next meeting

Monday 19th February at The Three Café, Three ways School, 10.00-12.00


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