Banes Parent Carers Voice & Banes CC Joint Transitions Workshop 9/3/21 Minutes

Banes Parent Carers Voice & Banes CC Joint Transitions Workshop 9/3/21 Minutes

Banes Parent Carers Voice & Banes CC Joint Transitions Workshop

Held on Tuesday 9th March (via zoom) 10.00-12.00


Attended         Nakita Singh, Banes Strategic Commissioning Officer, Transitions

Rebecca Potter, Banes Commissioning Manager Transition Services & Direct Payments

Margaret Fairbairn, Commissioner Children’s Emotional Health

Siobainn Chaplin, Operations Manager, Off the Record, Banes

John Mark Poppleston, Head of Adult Mental Health, Oxford

Gemma Vittozzi, Banes Local Offer/Rainbow Resource, 1BigDataBase, Welbeing Options

Jon Piechowicz, Social Care Banes Virgin Care

Wendy Davy – Contact Associate

Gay Griffin – BPCV Chair

Marianna Zatkova – BPCV Treasurer

Annie Carpenter – BPCV Admin

Filippa Ross –   BPCV Steering Group Member

Janes Eades –   BPCV Steering Group Member

Kirsty Evered – BPCV Steering Group Member

Julie Guymer – BPCV Steering Group Member


  • Gemma Vittozzi – Banes Local Offer, Rainbow Resource, 1 Big data Base and Wellbeing options will be merging and are currently under development and will be hopefully finished by the end of April. Gemma would like parent carers feedback on the new site. Comments and feedback Also links posted on BPCV FB page and web pages for parent carers comments.
  • Jane Eades suggested a Transition Map starting with Doctors surgeries for early diagnosis and pathways on Rainbow Resource.
  • Wendy Davey suggested that parent carers could maybe be involved at the thinking stage rather than offering feedback on the finished local offer.
  • Rebecca Potter agreed with Jane that there should be a simple leaflet available for early diagnosis on parent carers initial journey.
  • Jon Piechowicz asked if BPCV had any leaflets he could give to his Social care team. Annie to send leaflet link (AC)
  • Nakita Singh created a Transitions Working Group with a Transitions Policy – What makes a good Transition? What could we do better?
  1. Information Important
  2. Support to navigate
  3. Young People at centre of plans
  4. Communication (lots of signposting)
  5. Person Centred Approach

Working Group Meeting held on 18th March (via zoom) Annie to attend.

  • Rebecca Potter asked about whether a Transition Team was better than a Transition Worker. Wendy said that she found some elements of the team useful but found the Social Workers input difficult with different social workers present. Marianna mentioned how decisions around the young person’s mental capacity can cause difficulties in transitions. Wendy suggested more involvement with mental capacity and the needs of the child/young person when moving towards transitions and adulthood.
  • Rebecca Potter suggested making sure the local offer is supporting and signposting a full spectrum of needs.
  • Wendy Davey asked if there is more opportunity for a more joined up working so that all services can work together, making transitions easier.
  • Julie Guymer felt that she had received very little health input and that Social Care input had also declined. She felt that the professionals were not always working together.
  • Filippa Ross stressed the importance of a more joined up service. She stressed that she spent a lot of time passing information from one service to another leading to frustration and incomplete information. “So much more can be accomplished if everyone is working together making decisions and are in agreement.”
  • Rebecca Potter reminded everyone that adult services started from 16 years and needs to continue with the concept of everyone working around the child and has to include the team that supported key people from the chidrens side to adult services.
  • Nakita Singh asked that any comments/feedback be sent to her at Nakita_Singh@BATHNES.GOV.UKShe also asked the group “What would you like our next steps to be?’
  • Wendy will also liaise BPCV Steering Group and feedback to Nakita.
  • Nakita Singh suggested another workshop and to try and involve more parent carers

as there was still more discussion on transitions not covered today.

  • John Mark Poppleston Adult mental health: was Interested in those young people who did meet the threshold for adult mental health and those that did not? Feedback needed and will be bought to the next workshop.
  • Siobainn Chaplin, EHCP advocate, wanted to know the effect on mental health on parent carers and their children/young people – what is your access to Camhs? Siobainn will bring this to next workshop.
  • Wendy Davey – Parent carers and professionals with an interest in working with families who have children with special educational needs and disabilities are encouraged to follow the BPCV face book page and to sign up to receive BPCV e-news by subscribing via the website.

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