BPCV Minutes – December 2020

BPCV Minutes – December 2020

Minutes of Steering Group Meeting

Held 11th December 2020


Apologies:     Julie Guymer, Sophie Sidonio, Kirstie Evered

Attended:       Gay Giffen, Ruth Burrows, Marianna Zatkova, Annie Carpenter, Jane Eades


  1. Apologies & Welcome

The group welcomed Nakita Singh, Banes Children’s Commissioner for Transitions to the meeting.

  1. Transition Review – Nakita Singh

Please see below for details and links.

IMPORTANT Transition Survey

Help improve services – tell us what you think Transition services

As many of you know, ’Transition’ in this context, is when a young person turns 18 years old, and the services accessed change from children’s services to adult’s services. If a young person had a children’s services Social Worker, or received support from another professional such as Child & Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS), they will instead receive support from adult services when they reach 18.

Your views and experiences are important in helping the Local Authority to improve the transitions process for young people. It would be so helpful to the service if you could complete the survey below; one is for young people and the other for parents and carers. They should only take a few minutes to complete:

Young Person Transition survey

Young Person Transition Survey Part 1 

Young Person Transition Survey Part 2

Parent/Carer Survey 

Parent/Carer Survey Part 1

Parent/Carer Survey Part 2


  1. Feedback from Meetings Attended

ASD Strategy Meeting – Sophie Sidonio

Please see below for Sophie’s ASD Update

I joined the Rainbow Resource ASD Project yesterday, when we had our first video meeting. The aim of the project is to ensure that the Rainbow Resource website ASD pages are fit for purpose and that it is well publicised, used, and meets the needs of parents and ASD children.

The first session was to look at project membership, and to discuss the recent changes and make suggestions for improvements in content and communications. It was a good discussion and I made a number of suggestions. I will continue with the project and feed back any substantive points that come out of it.


Send Partnership Meeting – Gay Griffen

Minutes of this meeting are available separately – please contact Annie or Gay if you would like a copy.


  1. Future Meetings/Events

Jane will contact IPSEA in the new year to start the training. Marianna will arrange payment of £99.00 for Jane (MZ)


  1. Any Other Business

BPCV will shut down 24/12 to 4/01/21. Annie will message authorities (AC)

Attach terms of reference for next month (RB)

Amazon Gift vouchers for steering group gifts – Gay to check with Contact (GG)

Monday 21st Dec BPCV Xmas coffee morning 10:00 till 13:00, join in any time, stay as long as you wish.

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