BPCV Minutes November 2020

BPCV Minutes November 2020

Banes Parent Carers Voice

Minutes of Meeting, held via Zoom on 6th November 2020


Apologies     Julie Guymer, Sophie Sidonio



Attended      Gay Griffen, Marianna Zatkova, Jane Eades,

Annie Carpenter, Ruth Burrows, Tamsin Green,

Kirsty Evered



  1. Apologies & Welcome

            The group welcomed Vince Murrell, Banes Commissioner for Children’s



  1. Domiciliary Services, Personal Care at Home – Vince Murrell

Vince is looking to improve this service with no reduction of capacity. Vince would like any feedback of good or bad practice, along with any suggestions on improving this service. He will be looking at how the surrounding local authorities are using these services and will also be drawing up a list of approved agencies and provisions, to ensure consistency of care and personnel, and hopefully increasing the agency options.


Vince will produce a small Survey Monkey and more detailed information for distribution to a wider parent carer group via our FB/Web page (VM,AC)


Please send any feedback or queries to Vince Murrell direct Vincent_Murrell@BATHNES.GOV.UK



  1. Update on Meetings/Events Attended


Interview for New Childrens’s & Young People Complex Needs, THURSDAY 4THNOVEMBER (VIA ZOOM) – Filippa

            Please see below Filippa’s update below.

I attended the interviews yesterday for the new Children and Young People Complex needs Clinical Coordinator role covering BANES and Wiltshire.  The role is intended to ensure continuous care runs more smoothly for families and works to join up the input from different departments and providers (Council/NHS/social services/education/mental health) to make things easier for families and to give a voice to children and young people in the process.


I was on a panel with 4 other professionals from different disciplines and we saw 5 candidates. I was fully involved in the marking and decision process.  It was a long day, but it was worth it to be able to ensure that the candidates were people who would be able to connect with families, empathise and also be able to push back on service providers and to get things done on their behalf.


The recruitment process was coordinated by Sally Beckley, who is also on the BANES Strategic meeting group and I have thanked her for involving us. She was very welcoming of PCV views and it might be worth an official thank you to her as well so that hopefully she will keep us in mind for consultation and involvement in other projects.


  1. Forthcoming Meetings/Events


Parent Carers Rep Interview Panel for Professional Lead for Childrens Speech & language – Thursday 26th November.

Filippa Ross has kindly volunteered for this interview panel via zoom. This post is for Olwyn Donnelly’s role who will be starting her new role as Head of Education Commissioning in Banes in January. Update to follow (FR)


Send Partnership Meeting 10th November (Gay)


Regional Parent Carer Forum Meeting

This meeting was cancelled and a new date will follow shortly.


Next BPCV Zoom meeting 11th December (Via zoom) 10.00-12.00




  1. Any other business


BPCV to move to digital banking. Marianna Zatkova to designated person responsible for this. BPCV Steering Group voted all in favour of this (MZ)


In light of the many changes of roles within Banes Commissioning Services BPCV to ask for an updated list of names & positions (AC)


Tamsin is now a fully trained IPSEA Lifeline volunteer and can offer help to parent carers if needed. Tamsin will forward to the group a brief role description (TG)

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