BPCV Minutes of eating September 2020 via Zoom

BPCV Minutes of eating September 2020 via Zoom


Apologies     Kirsty Evered

Rachel Thomas


Attended      Gay Griffen, Marianna Zatkova, Filippa Ross, Jane Eades, Julie

Guymer, Sophie Sidonio, Sophie Spinks, Annie Carpenter,

Leanna Wall


  1. Apologies & Welcome
  2. DofE Parent Carer Rep

We have been invited to a virtual visit/meeting with Keith Thompson the SW rep for the DfE and a health rep on the 1st October 9 – 10.  They are asking for a parent/carer to take part in this meeting.  Issue to be discussed include;


  • the return to school, including issues around transport and numbers of parents now considering elective home education;
  • statutory SEND issues around EHC plans and annual reviews; and
  • an opportunity to discuss any support needs.


Fillipa and Sophie Sidonio are attending for BPCV. Please email either Filippa or Sophie (or Annie) with any issues you would like them to feedback (FR, SS,AC).


  1. Update on Meetings/Events Attended

Send Strategy Group Meeting – Filippa

Please see below Filippa’s summary from the Send Strategy Meeting.


Notes of other potentially interesting things mentioned at the meeting –


Jackie Fielder is leaving SEND partnership in October.


CHAMS now represented on group by Rachel Leeke /Eddie


Youth unemployment network being set up, for all, including SEND


Melanie Hodgson Rainbow Resources website lots of searches for autism so now number of dedicated pages. Still receiving applications for RR cards.

Lots of covid resources for learning and returning to school, will keep these on the site under a different heading.


Number of families choosing to home school but none with ECHP children. Each family telephoned to find out reasoning so do have information on SEN levels below ECHP.


Return to school has been high in BANES, although now impacted by issue with      testing waiting times preventing children returning


BPCV – Chris supported call for more involvement/consultation of PCV.

Nakita Singh – soon to start piece of work on Transitions, will contact us for involvement


Ali – there are 2 procurement procedures about to start, on Participation of carers and families, which is pertinent for us, and secondly on Advocacy services including SEN, which our involvement for that part would be great


Sally Beck – also starting to look at a project (sorry, didn’t get exactly what) which our input would be valued on.


They will either email Annie or if easier as my details on the group, me and I will forward to Annie.



Regional NHS Bids  – 22nd September Meeting via Microsoft Teams (Annie)

Bids are still being accepted from forums for Lending Resource Library. Tina Emery will contact Annie to see whether BPCV would be interested in submitting a bid.


MHST Meeting – 15th September via Microsoft Teams (Annie)

This was a joint health meeting with Wiltshire, Swindon & banes on Mental Health Transitions. They are really keen to include BPCV

In these meetings. Annie to liaise with Agy Pasek, Service Change Manager Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust (AC)


  1. Forthcoming Meetings/Events

Next BPCV Zoom meeting to include invite for Vince Murrell who is working on a project around Domiciliary Care provision for disabled children and young people. Vince is keen to share the initial proposals and work with parents and carers to hear their views and inform the new service might look.  Annie to send next zoom date (AC).



  1. BPCV Grant Monitoring (Marianna)

The Grant Monitoring is now finished and we are awaiting approval from Contact. BPCV would like to thank Claire Abrahams and Leanna Wall for all their help with this. Grant monitoring is expected to be accepted with proviso of BPCV accepting some associate help to build up the group to a more strategic level.


  1. 6. Finance Policy (Gay)

The BPCV Finance Policy was updated and circulated to the Steering Group members and was approved.


  1. Any other business


Annie updating the website Who’s who in BPCV. Julie to send photo and Fiilippa a short update (Annie)


Date of next zoom meeting to be announced shortly.

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