BPCV Quarterly Update/Newsletter January 2021

BPCV Quarterly Update/Newsletter January 2021

This year has been incredibly hard for parent carers. We want to remind you that we are still here, and ready to listen and we are still your collective voice during these difficult times. We are still here for you!

Please see our latest news, events and what we are working on via our webpage banesparentcarersvoice.co.uk, or our Face Book page BANES Parent Carers Voice.

We can also be contacted by telephone on 07985765720 Gay Griffin Chair, 07985765749 Annie, Admin, Marianna 07985766750 Treasurer.


BANES Carers’ Centre has teamed up with BANES Parent Carers Voice to host a new Carer Cafe dedicated to parent carers! We had our first on Weds 15th January, hosted by Leanna from the Carers Centre and Gay, Marianna and Ruth from BPCV and we also received good feedback from parent carers who attended.

These virtual cafes will run every other Wednesday evening @ 8 pm, allowing you some time to talk to others who know exactly what you are going through, the challenges you face and the chance to share ideas to help us through this third lockdown and beyond, or simply have an easy-going chat to take your mind off of everything! Plus, you can choose to join us by phone, or video!

We hope that hosting in the evening and in the middle of the week will make it more accessible for you (we know how much you’ve got going on during the day!) acting as a “pit stop” for you to take stock of the first few days and carrying on through the rest of the week.

BPCV will be on hand to collect any reoccurring views to take to professionals across BANES to improve services for parent carers and their children and to signpost to anyone they think could help if it is needed. Join us to find out more about BPCV and the support on offer for you.

You can tell us you are interested by signing up here https://www.banescarerscentre.org.uk/…/online-cafes/… but we understand that things can be hectic and it’s not always as simple as planning everything in, so you don’t need to commit to attending each cafe. We will make sure to check in with you just before the cafe, to remind you and see if you’d still like to join.

For more information, you can see our most recent e-news here:


We really look forward to seeing you!


Did you catch BPCV’s Chair Gayna Griffin on ITV News? Gayna shared her story to highlight the impact

coronavirus is having on unpaid carers. If you missed it, watch the clip here: https://bit.ly/3m6GdxH

Well done Gayna.




Introducing Ruth Burrows, our new Secretary. Ruth has been an active member of our steering group for 5 years and is currently working alongside Gaynor, our Chair, to organise our Focus Forward Virtual Events.


Ruth is also a part on the Strategic Transitions to adulthood team and has also helped with hosting our first virtual café with the Carers Centre.






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