January 2021 Minutes

January 2021 Minutes

Banes Parent Carers Voice

Minutes of Meeting held on Friday 22nd January 2021, 10.00-12.00 (via zoom)


  1. Welcome, Introductions and apologies for absence

Apologies: Rachel Thomas, Kirsty Evered, Julie Guymer, Filippa Ross, Ruth Burrows

Attending: Gay Griffin, Marianna Zatkova, Tamsin Green, Annie Carpenter


  1. Minutes / Notes of the last meeting

Matters arising from the last meeting. All agreed and okay.


  1. Matters Arising from the minutes / notes

All actions completed.


  1. Chair’s Report


  1. Policy Review (Terms of Reference)

Agenda item will be carried forward to next Steering Group Meeting.


  1. Treasurers Report (Budget adjustments, Asset Register)

Annie has started Asset Register and will forward on to steering group members for adding of other assets and checking (AC)

Marianna to pay associates invoices (MZ)

Nothing to report on digital banking.


  1. Representatives’ Reports (from partnership meetings attended, Feedback Forms)

Working together workshop – Gay, Marianna and Annie with Jackie Fielder, Olwyn Donnely, Rosemary Collard, Rosemary Cullis and Dee Chaddha. Hosted by Kate Rowe (Contact Associate)

This workshop was split into two key areas; Welcome & Care and Value & Include. Copies of this document will be emailed out separately to the Steering group (AC)

Annie to chase updated staff structure for roles & responsibilites in staff inclusion team (who’s who) (AC)

Send Partnership – Annie & Filippa

Jackie Fielder is now a volunteer Chair for the Send Partnership.

Send National updates, Impact of Covid – there is a widening of attainment gap with children and young people with disabilities. There is now a schools catch up fund to help address this. There has been an 80% increase in mental health problems and money has been released to help with this. Parent Carers are very stressed and EHCP’s continue to rise.

Ali Woodwiss reported that there is a big waiting list for ASD assessments as there are no face to face referrals at present.

Off the Record advocacy has been re procured.

Short Breaks are very challenging in these Covid times and are running at reduced capacity. They are trying to put in additional support for overnight respite in latest lockdown.

Melanie Hodkinson reported that the Rainbow Resource expires on 31st March and a b=new site will launch in April along with their new newsletter Round Up. There will be a dedicated Autism page, Senco site and specific Covid information.

Next Send Strategy end of March (date to follow)


Quality Assurance Meeting – Gay

Gay to forward meeting notes (GG)


BSW MHST – Annie

This meeting was cancelled and has been rescheduled for 3rd March 21.

Group agreed that feedback forms should be emailed to the chair of meetings attended by BPCV Reps for completion after attendance.


  1. Guest Speaker Wendy Davey, 10:45

Annie will help Ruth if needed with Focus Forward Events.

  1. Work plan review and calendar of events

Not discussed – moved to next Steering Group Meeting.


10 Any other business

Nakita Singh a transitions event following on from our last steering group meeting. She has spoken to the Adult Mental Health Commissioner (Lucy Kitchener) and Adult Learning Disability Commissioner (Rebecca Potter) about having an event with parents and carers in March. They would like to hold the event 10am to 12pm on 9th March 2021.

The aim of the event would be to talk to parent/carers about their experience of transitions for their young people (from children’s services to adult services) and to think about how they could improve their experience.  It would be aimed at parents and carers of young people with a learning disability/autism and/or a mental health need. Annie to advertise this event (AC)


Beckie Penny has produced a survey monkey for the renaming of the new Rainbow Resource which is amalgamating soon with 1 Big database and the Wellness Programme. They have compiled a shortlist of three final options, and would appreciate a minute of your time to help decide on the final name.

You can find the survey here: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/WP9HQY5

If anyone in BPCV would like to be part of developing or testing the replacement 1 Big Database bathnes or Rainbow Resource site please let  us know and I will ask Melanie to send you more information (AC) Annie to email group for Reps (AC)

Tamsin suggested meeting text messages reminders for Steering Group members. Item to be added to next agenda for group approval (RB)

Advertising for Focus Forward – Annie to re pin post to top of fb page (AC)

Annie to send out BPCV Newsletter advertising Focus Forward Event to Parent Carer database (AC)

Annie contacted local media for advertising of Focus Forward Events but price was £100 for small article. Group put on hold for now. Annie awaiting other media to reply.

Focus Forward Events and Carers Café’s have been advertised on Rainbow Resource and Send Partnership platforms.


  1. Date and time of next meeting (any apologies in advance)

February: 19th, 10:00, Steering meeting, 25th, 10:00, Focus Forward Engagement

March: 19th, 10:00, Steering meeting, 25th, 10:00, Focus Forward Engagement

April: 16th, 10:00, Steering meeting, 29th, 10:00, Focus Forward Engagement

May: 21st, 10:00, Steering meeting, 27th, 10:00, AGM

June: 18th, 10:00, Steering meeting

July: 16th, 10:00, Steering meeting

August: 20th, 10:00, Steering meeting

September: 17th, 10:00, Steering meeting

October: 15th, 10:00, Steering meeting

November: 19th, 10:00, Steering meeting

December: 17th, 10:00, Steering meeting

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