July 18 Minutes

July 18 Minutes

Minutes of Meeting – Mon 2nd July 10.00-12.00, At The Three Cafe, Three Ways, Bath

Apologies: Tamsin Green, Sophie Spinks, Cora Fisher, Jane Eades

Present.   : Gay Griffen, Marianna Zatkova, Ruth Burrows, Annie Carpenter, Dee Chaddah


  1. Welcome & Introductions – BPCV welcomed Dee Chaddah, Banes Children’s Strategic Commissioner to the meeting.
  1. Date of next meetings – Short Breaks Recommissioning, Tues 3rd July, 11.00-12.30 at the Civic Centre, Keynsham,

         (Sophie S, Tamsin & Filippa)

           BPCV Steering Group Meeting – Monday 16th July, 10.00-12.00 at the Three Cafe, Three Ways School, Bath. Dee

          Chaddah and possibly Kay Sibley, will attend this meeting with the Short Breaks Draft Specification for consultation.

Please could as many as possible of our steering group members attend this.

          BPCV & SFC Summer Event –  Sunday 22nd July (time to follow) at the Bath Rec. All parent carers and their families

          Welcome. Bring a picnic and join in with fun and games (All)

           BPCV Meeting -Action planning meeting Monday 23rd July, 10.00 at the Carers Centre, Radstock

          (Gay, Annie, Cora)

           BPCV Steering Group Meeting – Thursday 16th August, 10.00-12.00 at the Carers Centre, Woodlands, Bath. We realise 

          this meeting falls in the holidays and we are conscious that some parent carers may beaway or unable to attend. (All)

3.  BPCV Website (Dee, Annie & Marianna) – Annie, with the help of Claire Abrahams, has updated the

BPCV website with up to   date info & pics. Please have a look and send feedback comments to Annie/Marianna.

          BPCV Terms of Reference, Action Plan and feedback from meetings to be added (Annie & Marianna)

  1. Short Breaks Recommissioning – Dee will attend our next meeting with the Draft Specification for Short Breaks.
  1. Next BPCV Steering Group Meeting Thursday 16th August at the Carers Centre, Woodlands, Bath, 10.00-12.00
  1. Closed BPCV face book page – Ruth will start and oversee a closed Face Book Page for BPCV. (Ruth)

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