Minutes of Meeting & AGM April 2018

Minutes of Meeting & AGM April 2018


Minutes of Meeting & AGM

16th April 2018


The Three Café, Three ways, School, Bath



Apologies           Sharon Farrington

Attended            Gay Griffen, Marianna Zatkova, Kirsty & Andy Evered, Claire Abrahams, Tamsin Green, Sophie Sidonio, Jane Eades, Rachel Thomas, Ruth Burrows, Sophie Spinks, Cora Fisher, Annie carpenter, Gemma Vittozzi


  1. Welcome & Introductions

The group welcomed Gemma Vittozzi to the meeting.


  1. Gemma Vittozzi – Rainbow Resource

The group welcomed Gemma Vittozzi from the Rainbow Resource team. The Rainbow Resource provides online information for families with children and young people with special education needs and disabilities. The Rainbow Resource web page is currently undergoing updates at the present with, among other improvements, more specific age related searches. The new updated site will be launched next month. Please send any comments/feedback to Gemma directly – Gemma Vittozzi  Gemma_Vittozzi@BATHNES.GOV.UK


Gemma also provided information on the Rainbow Resource Card Scheme. These cards can be shown as proof of concession within Banes but they are currently approaching more



companies, including the Merlin Group, to encourage more companies to accept these cards without having to produce a letter from your doctor, which is required at present.


There is also a Family Information Face book page which can be found on www.facebook.com/BathnesFIS



  1. Review of Work Plan – Gay

Gay reviewed the work plan with the group. The review of BPCV policies will be an ongoing item on the agenda and will be relooked at the end of this year.


Gay will be completing the groups grant funding for next year this week (GG)



  1. Assertiveness Training – Claire

Claire, BPCV’S parent Carer Facilitator, has offered to put on another Assertiveness training solely for BPCV. This will be for a minimum of four hours. Claire will arrange some dates and the venue will be at Woodlands, Bath (CA)

Claire’s funding has also been agreed to carry on next year – 4hrs per week.


  1. Feedback from meetings attended


Short Breaks Re-Commissioning Meeting, Tuesday 20th March – Tamsin

Tamsin, Tracey and Filippa attended this meeting at the Civic Centre, Keynsham.  Tamsin fedback to the group that they were all made to feel very welcome. They felt listened to and were able to give some good feedback in what was and wasn’t working well.  Overall a very positive meeting.


Preparing for Adulthood 20th Feb, Civic Centre, Keynsham – Gay & Ruth

Gay & Ruth attended this meeting with Rosemary Collard.  Ruth & Gay reported that it was a very positive meeting and that they were able to contribute throughout. These meetings will be held quarterly. Ruth fed back to the group that they are looking for more funding from the council for Transitions into Adulthood and they are also trialling more apprenticeships

in different jobs, requiring no interviews.


  1. Upcoming Meetings – Annie

Short Breaks Review, Friday 20th April, (Sophie & Tamsin)

Council for Disabled Children Social Care EHC Planning 27th April – Dorchester

Local Offer Task & Finish Group – 2nd May (Marianna & Annie)

Parent Carer Participation Meeting 15th May, civic Centre, (Marianna & Annie)

BPCV Coffee Morning 14th May, 10.00-12.00 at Hillier’s Garden Centre (All)


BPCV Coffee Morning 11th June, 10.00-12.00 at The Bonzo Lounge, Keynsham (All)

DofE Questionaire – May (All) Date and venue to follow.


  1. AGM Voting – All


Chair – Gay Griffen Nominated by Sophie Spinks and Seconded by Ruth Burrows

Vice Chair – Marianna Zatkova Nominated by Cora Fisher and Seconded by Annie Carpenter


Treasurer – Cora Fisher Nominated by Ruth Burrows and Seconded by Sophie Spinks


Secretary – Annie Carpenter Nominated by Gay Griffen and Seconded by Jane Eades


Vice Secretaries – Marianna Zatkova & Jane Eades



Cora handed out our Financial updates for the end of year.


  1. Any other Business


New Leaflets with our new name and logo are needed. Claire will check at the Carers Centre to see if our original leaflets are stored on a shared database so that we can reuse this (CA)


Claire will pick up the Microsoft Surface Book from the Radstock Carers Centre for Ruth so that she will be able to help with the design of our leaflets etc (CA)


Jimmy and SFC have offered our group a gym session with coffee afterwards.


Annie to look for BPCV Coffee Support Meeting flyer to use for advertising and to send to Claire (AC)


Annie to send photos to the group who, in turn, will add a brief line describing roles within BPCV, which will then be sent to Claire for inclusion into Caretime Magasine (AC, All & CA)


Annie will contact Sharon, Tracey and Filippa to organise their photos (AC)


Claire reminded the group that data protection forms need to be returned to her by the 26th May, as all copies of consent need to be redone by then (All)



Date of next Meeting/Coffee Morning 14th May at Hillier’s Garden Centre, Bath

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