Minutes of Meeting -February 2018

Minutes of Meeting -February 2018


Minutes of meeting

19th February 2018, 10.00-12.00

The Three Café, Three ways, School, Bath


         Attended  Gay Griffen, Sharon Farrington, Cora Fisher, Marianna Zatkova, RuthBurrows

Jane Eades, Rachel Thomas, Annie Carpenter, Andy & Kirsty Evered, Sophie Spinks



Apologies   Tamsin Green, Sophio Sidonio,Tracey Cadey,


  1. Introductions and welcome

BPCV welcomed Kath Fallon (Send Partnership), Jo (Bath Area Coordinator for Time2Share) and Jane Messer (Off the Record).

  1. Joining together with other Parent Carer Support Groups – Kath Fallon

Kath suggested a twice yearly specific training events to bring together other parent carer and young people’s support groups with ourselves to that we can all come together as one voice with BPCV being the recognised lead representative group for Banes collecting views from Early Years, Young People, Further Education right through till Employment. Groups to join with are Three ways (2) Fossway Parent Support Group, WASPS. Other groups to consider Butterfiles, Faces, Time2Share, Swallows, Young carers, Bath ADHD Group and Sporting Family Change.


Time2Share – Jo Bath Area Co-ordinator

For more info on Time2Share please see link.


Time2Share – Official Site


Time2Share are looking for new volunteers to join our team of Buddies across Bristol, Bath and North East Somerset. call 0117 941 5868 to find out more. About Time2Share. We are a local charity supporting disabled children, young people and their families across the Bristol, Bath and North East Somerset region.




Time2Share are funded through Banes Council to provide some short breaks They offer two services – A Buddying Service for 1 to 1 befriending service for young people. T2S try and match their befrienders to the young people and their families. They also provide group activities These groups include 13+ group (till 19yrs) Saturday Friends (21yrs) and Family Friday (18+).



  1. Off The record, Young Peoples Advocacy – Jane Messer

Janet gave the group a brief breakdown of Off the Record, which as well as offering young people’s advocacy also offers a listening, support and counselling service. Off the Record also offer training workshops for parent carers and families to get together and share challenges and experiences. 2 hr introduction followed by 3 2hr workshops. The programme can continue and will include key issues such as challenges young people face, inc. Social Media, housing, hormones and changes in their lives. Looks at communication skills, negotiating boundaries. These programmes are designed to help both young people and their families. The feedback received from parent carers attending these programmes was very positive and that more workshops/programmes were needed. Off the Reecord has agreed to start a new programme for BPCV. Jane will contact Annie with dates etc. These workshops are called The Teenage Jigsaw Puzzle.


  1. BPCV Expences – Cora

The group agreed that Annie could go ahead and purchase a new laptop and two mobile phones to be linked to the new website.


The group discussed that at the present we did not require Kate’s services at the moment.


  1. Any other business

Kirsty – Waitrose Slow Shop??

Sporting Family Change have organised a gym day for BPCV parent carers every Weds, 9.30-10.30. Wednesday session is ideal for beginners. The address is Vibe Fitness, 4 Miles Court, Miles Road, Widcombe, Bath, BA2 4JN. Please contact me if you would like transport (Annie) ianlong25@aol.com.


  1. Date of next meeting BPCV AGM/Coffee Morning

Monday 19th March at The Three Café, Three ways School, 10.00-12.00

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