BANES Parent Carers Voice & Banes CC Joint Commissioning Workshop 9th March 2021 BPCV & Banes CC have been working together to create a Transition Pathway document for parent carers and young people going through transition to adulthood services. On the 9th March we had a successful joint workshop with Banes Strategic Commissioners, Health Professionals, Mental & Social Health Leads and Parent Carers with a further workshop coming soon. We also have a BPCV Representative attending the Strategic Transitions Board Meetings. If you would like to help in the shaping of this Transitions into Adulthood Policy please contact us by email Parentcarersvoice@gmail.comRead More →

BANES Parent Carers Voice has been working with Gemma Vittozzi in the redesigning of the Rainbow Resource which will  merging with 1 Big Data Base and Wellbeing Options. The new merges sites are currently under development and will be hopefully finished by the end of April. Gemma would like parent carers feedback on the new site. Comments and feedback Also links posted on BPCV FB page and web pages for parent carers comments.Read More →

BPCV representatives have been on the interview panel for 2 posts where the roles relate to parent carer services.    BPCV Reps have also attended a meeting with senior representatives of the Department of Education and the Department of Health with Rosemary Collard. At that meeting we were able to feedback on how lockdown affected parent carers of school age children and young people, but also carers of adults with special needs. PCV representatives met with Rosemary prior to the meeting so that together with BANES we could send a joint message about reducing and regulating the volume of updates received from central government.   Read More →

As well as helping to develop the Rainbow Resource and helping create a dedicated Autism page, BPCV have also helped in the renaming and the results are now in…. and the name for the new site will be Live Well B&NES: Information for all.   We will let you all know when the new site is up and running for you to use and share across the Bath and North East Somerset communityRead More →

from Nakita Singh re: Transition Review Help improve services – tell us what you think Transition services As many of you know, ’Transition’ in this context, is when a young person turns 18 years old, and the services accessed change from children’s services to adult’s services. If a young person had a children’s services Social Worker, or received support from another professional such as Child & Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS), they will instead receive support from adult services when they reach 18. Your views and experiences are important in helping the Local Authority to improve the transitions process for young people. It would beRead More →