BPCV Update

BPCV Update

This year has been incredibly hard for parent carers. We want to remind you that we are still here, and ready to listen, below is a reminder of what we do;

We are a group of parent carers of children and young people with a range of disabilities in BANES.  We meet regularly with the aim of improving services and support for parent carers, their children and young people by raising awareness of unmet needs and by being a collective voice.

We do this by working in partnership with policymakers and practitioners in the local authority, sharing experiences, knowledge and skills to ensure that all children and young people with additional needs are fully included in society and have access to support needed to sustain their wellbeing and that of their families.

Its is really important that we can represent the views and needs of as many parents and carers as possible, and to do this we need lots of parents to join us and become part of our collective voice.

We are still your collective voice during these difficult times and we still need to hear from you.

Please see our latest news, events and what we are working on via our webpage banesparentcarersvoice.co.uk, or Face Book page BANES Parent Carers Voice. We can also be contacted by telephone on 07985765749, 07985766750, 07985765720

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