Minutes of meeting June 2019

Minutes of meeting June 2019


Apologies: Sophie Sidonio, Jane Eades, Tamsin Green

Attended:   Gay Griffen, Marianna Zatkova, Sophie Spinks, Ruth Burrows, Kirstie Evered, Filippa Ross, Rachel Thomas, Annie      Carpenter

  1. Welcome & Introductions
    The group welcomed Chris Jorgensen (Send Partnership) to the meeting.
  2. Parent Champions/Parent Carers Training – Chris Jorgensen
    The Send Partnerships new website is now live.www.spsbathnes.org.uk Website has a news carousel and a Family Information Service rolling link.Chris explained the roles of SPS’s new Parent Champions who
    will be in schools in Banes as an outreach service, sign posting services. Chris will give our BPCV leaflets to the new Parent Champions
    who will hand out to parent carers – Annie & Marianna will produce and Print new ones (MZ,AC) The new Parent Carer Champions are scheduled to visit our group at the next BPCV steering group meeting In September. Annie will send meeting dates to Catherine
    (SPS) (AC)Chris also discussed with the group the possibility of some free training available from the CDC. Workshops for professionals and BPCV group members in short one hour sessions. Possible topics for the workshops were; Effective Meetings and SEND Processes.


  1. BPCV Summer/Christmas Event – Gay
    Group decided our Summer Event for July will be a joint event with SFC On Bath Rec. Annie will contact Jimmy and SFC to confirm (AC) Sophie And Tilly will design the summer event flyers (SP,TP)Dates were also suggested for our Christmas event. It was agreed by The group that the venue will be held at Saltford Golf Club, date to be confirmed soon. Annie to book with Saltford Golf Club (AC)
  2. BPCV Policies – Gay
    The group agreed that all the policies would be redone by Claire, Gay, Marianna and Annie (GG,CA,AC,MZ) except for the BPCV Equality Policy which has been fully completed by Ruth. Annie will print this Policy for Ruth (AC)
  3. Feedback from Meetings attended (All)
    Send Strategy Group Meeting, Thursday 6th June – Marianna & Annie Marianna to remind all professionals on the Send Strategic Board to Send BPCV a summary of their roles so that we can invite members to our future steering group meetings (MZ)
  1. Upcoming Events
    BPCV Summer Event (July) Date to be confirmed.BPCV Coffee Morning, 12th August, 10.00-12.00 at the Bonzo Lounge, Keynsham.
  2. Any other Business
    Carers Centre Carers Café – 20 new carers cafes for all carers within Banes.

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