What we are working on

What we are working on


Short Breaks Re-commission – We have had three parent carers attend the short break re-commissioning meetings. Please see below a short summary of the process from Tamsin Green, our BPCV parent carer representative.

1. As part of the SB recommissioning process, PCV representatives, including myself, have attended a number of meetings with the BANES Short Breaks Strategic Commissioning Officer and current SB providers. I have also given written feedback on the draft SB specification. I have also arranged, together with The Carers Centre, consultation meetings with Young Carers and the SB Strategic Commissioning Officer to help devise ‘questions for providers’.2. The SB specification for providers has been drafted, and includes a number of amendments from previous years, including:

– life skills training to be included in overnight breaks and young adult SB
– holiday clubs for disabled CYP only (no siblings) the dates of which will be changed to suit families
– SB provision to include whole family outings – do not know what form this will take until SB providers come back to tender
– SB provision has been devised through consultation with parent Carers, and disabled CYP and their young carer siblings.
This year the consultation included questions for providers from Young Carers only as there were no disabled CYP present at the meeting. Nevertheless, this is a good consultation model to follow at the next SB recommissioning.3. The specification, together with questions for providers, will now go out to tender. SB providers will answer questions (see 2. above) and this will go to the CYP panel.
If you would like any further information on the Shorts Breaks Recommissioning or you would like to be involved please contact us on our contact page or email Annie Carpenter ianlong25@aol.com


Going forward


Going forward, hopefully we will be shortly resuming our regular gym and sporting activities with Sporting Family Change and will keep you updated when we have some new dates.